A Quick Thought About Brand-Name Bidding

by | May 4, 2023

“Why the hell would the agency I pay for my Google Ads bid on my own company name as a paid keyword? Those people are already looking for me anyways.”

On its surface, this question and way of thinking makes sense, yeah?

“People are already typing my name into Google, so they’re looking for ME!”

Except Google doesn’t care. Ads will still show up first. And you know who can bid on your company name, too? Your big box, chain, franchise, wildlife removal and pest control competitors.

“Well sure, but no one is going to click on an ad and call the wrong pest control company.”

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Seriously. Your competitors will absolutely bid on your own name as a keyword. And if someone calls them by accident, and your competitor answers the phone, and they are ready and willing to come help, they may just get the job.

Bidding on your own name is the only way to keep competitors from owning the absolutely #1 position when someone searches for your business.

“But my CPCs are SO HIGH.”

Yeah. Sure. I get it. You don’t wanna spend $40/click on your own name. But you WON’T.

Keep in mind that Google factors ad and landing page relevance into your Cost per Click optimization. It’s not just the highest bid wins, it’s also the most likely to convert.

Because your ads and website should be perfectly tailored to your own company name, your CPCs will never be as high as they are for unbranded keywords. You’re getting your own name for pennies on the dollar compared to location-based or service-based keywords.

It’s a small price to pay to keep your competitors from eating your lunch.