Meet the Leadsquirrel Team

Tate Morgan

Founder & Strategy Lead

Founder of LeadSquirrel Tate Morgan is an experienced marketer, sales coach, marketing educator, and magician (yes, really). Tate has driven successful marketing campaigns for businesses in the outdoor and conservation industries for over 10 years. He also provides marketing education for small businesses around the country as an instructor for the US Small Business Administration’s SCORE program, as well as serving as social media marketing content host for Fox Web School.

Keilan Clark

creative lead & community outreach

Keilan Clark is a marketing maverick and an avid outdoorsman. When he’s not delivering top-of-the-line creative strategy for LeadSquirrel, he’s interacting with the front lines of the outdoor industry via his own brand Rain Gear Pro. RGP is the fastest growing workwear brand in North America, and Keilan uses the marketing and outreach skills he’s honed building that brand to execute incredible marketing campaigns for LeadSquirrel clients. 

Tyler Phillips

Social Media Strategist

Tyler likely holds the LeadSquirrel record for Most Hours Spent Outdoors. Tyler is constantly familiarizing himself with everything Mother Nature has to offer, including the wildlife and pests our clients manage. Tyler embodies the shared vision of LeadSquirrel, which is to support operators who handle wildlife and pests ethically and in accordance with the rules, laws, and regulations set forth by the industry.

Quinn Morgan

photography and videography

What words can’t express, pictures and videos certainly can. Quinn is our resident multimedia expert, capturing and editing photos and videos for our internal content, Youtube videos, and learning materials, as well as meeting clients when possible for location shots and media opportunities. Quinn’s always open to shoot photos for any purpose, and is partial to capturing classic cars and wildlife.

Chris Richards

SEO & Integrations Specialist

Chris is a multi-tool in the LeadSquirrel operation. He knows a ton about tech and databases, and he’s the brains behind our SEO operations. Chris worked in the field as a service tech for one of the big pest control companies (someone wrote us a nice letter that said we couldn’t state which one he worked for…). When it comes to pests and nuisance wildlife, he knows his stuff. He’s an avid gamer but he still hasn’t beat Tate in Rocket League.

More Team Members

(Photos coming soon!)

Danielle Morgan

HR & Culture

Danielle is an experienced Human Resource Administrator with a focus in communication development and cultural growth. Her experience working in local parks systems in NE Ohio paired with her certifications in training and development make her one of the most valuable assets at LeadSquirrel. Danielle loves all things Stephen King and is our karaoke expert.

Jay Gupta

PPC & Google Business Profile Expert

Jay travels a TON. We’re cool with that. He’s always available when we need him, even if we have no idea where he’s at. He knows more about Google and Microsoft PPC ads than just about anyone we’ve ever met. Jay’s also constantly on top of Google’s platform and algorithm changes, identifying Google Ads opportunities before normal people even realize they exist. We should really have Chris build us a Jay tracker. At the time of writing, he’s in Japan.