Google Ads for Wildlife Removal Companies

90% of home service calls, including wildlife removal, start with a Google Search. PPC ads let you be there when homeowners have a need.

PPC Ads for Wildlife Removal Companies

What SEO does over time, PPC advertising does right away. With our expertise in keyword research and ad targeting, we help you reach customers who are actively searching for your wildlife removal services. We create custom campaigns that are designed to produce results. When you utilize PPC ads, you can increase your website traffic, improve your online visibility, and attract more leads.

Stop buying leads from companies who also sell to your competitors. Use paid ads to turn searches into customers.

SEO Results for Roofers

Are PPC Ads Right for My Wildlife Removal Business?

It’s true… PPC ads aren’t perfect for everyone. That’s because Google Ads are served on an auction – meaning the more competition there is in your area, the more ads can cost.

Google Ads may benefit your business if:

  • You’re comfortable spending $1k or more on ads per month
  • You charge enough for your services that bringing in a call for $45 is profitable
  • You DON’T want to buy leads from a service that also sells to your competitors
  • You DON’T want junk leads, like people looking for the dog warden or looking for free service.

How Fast do PPC Ads Work? What are the Costs?

PPC ads are built on one thing – market demand. The more people looking for wildlife removal services in your area, the faster your ads can be optimized and become effective. When we set up ad accounts, we leverage years of wildlife removal keyword research and ad copy research to quickly put together profitable ad accounts. It usually takes us just a couple days to have your first campaign up and running. With every ad campaign we build, we also create a tailored landing page designed to convert as many visitors as possible into customers for your business.

Costs vary from market to market, but on average, we see customers spending $28-$38 per qualified lead. In smaller, less competitive markets, this number can be significantly lower. In high-competition markets (especially if there is a major franchise provider in the neighborhood), you can pay as much as $75 per qualified lead.

This is the reality of PPC advertising. Can it be expensive? Yes. Are the benefits worth the cost? Absolutely.


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